Tune Up and Virus Clean North Lakes based at Petrie.


Computer Virus Services for all North Lakes and Surrounding Suburbs.
  • 1 Computer
  • PC Virus Removal & Tune Service
  • Protect your System
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Virus Removal & Protect
  • Speed up your pc
  • 12 Point Tune Up
  • Save $50 buying this combined service

Bug Removal and Tuneup Service.
This service saves you $50 on getting a virus removal and a tuneup service seperately.
We can remove malicious software causing system security problems, pop-ups and slow internet access.
Service includes removing virus and spyware infections, adware, trojan and other malware.
Your computer, like any machine, will run better if it gets regular maintenance and care.
Let us get under the hood, sort out some functionality, delete those pesky temp files, update existing software and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in best condition possible. We also remove those tricky programs that seem legitimate but are up to no good.
We recommend this service as it not only removes viruses etc but also fixes the effects left by them having been in your pc. Based at Petrie only 10 Minutes from North Lakes.


Save $50 on the 2 seperate services


We can get your pc running the best it can with this service and remove any nasties lurking in your pc. Tune Up & Virus Clean North Lakes.

Protection & Performance Services

# Service Fixed Price Description
1 Virus Removal $99.00 Clean
2 12 Point PC Tuneup Service $75.00 Tune
3 Virus Clean & Tuneup $125.00 CleanTune
4 Dust n Clean Service $45.00 DustClean