Custom Computer Services and Prices List.

Workshop Fixed Services

We charge a fixed fee for all of our services. We also have 95% of our services under $125 regardless of the time required to complete the service. You will not find anyone else as professional and cheap.

Booking a Job

We are a home based business not a shop so appointments must be made as we cannot accept turn ups. Our online booking service makes it easy for you. Calls and email can be used.

Workshop Hours and Contact

We are open from 9am to 7pm weekdays unless no jobs are booked after 5pm in which case we close at 5:30pm. All bookings have a 2hr windows time frame meaning 4:30pm is the latest a service can be booked for a 6:30 to 7pm service. Onsite 9am-5pm Weekdays.
Calls are taken between 9am to 5:30pm weekdays. We are not available weekends or public holidays.

Friendly Furs Dog n Cat Care

We are closed on weekends as we also own and run a pet care service.
We offer you the ability to book services online as well as the fact that we list all of our services and prices upfront on our website. We can do any pet from reptiles to dogs and cats to goats and pigs as well as spiders and guinea pigs, fish and birds.

Custom Computer Services

Please note that any data backup and transfer at the listed prices DOES NOT include us having to do any data recovery or unlocking to read data services. All prices listed for data work are also for one profile only. Add another $25 for each extra profile.

# Service Fixed Price Description
1 Data Backup $45.00 Profile Backup
2 Data Transfer $65.00 Profile Transfer
3 Custom Windows Install $25.00 Windows Install
4 Custom Computer Build $45.00 Custom PC Build
5 Antivirus/Utilities Install $10.00 Windows Addons
6 Buy all above & SAVE $145.00 Package save $45