Laptop Screen Replacements and Repair Services with new Notebook Sales starting at $799

Laptop Repairs & Screen Replacements

  • All Laptop Brands
  • *Excluding Apple
  • Harddrive Replacements
  • Ram Upgrades
  • Tune Up Services
  • Virus Clean & Protect
  • Battery Sales
  • AC Power Sales
  • $79 Fixed Screen Replacements
  • 1-3 Days Screen Replacement Service
  • Microsoft Windows Services
  • Data Recovery Services
  • We do not do mainboard work
  • *We DO NOT service iPads, iPods, Apple Laptops or Apple PC's.

We offer a FREE $75 service on new systems sold including a tuneup and windows customisation and setup.

When you buy your laptop it is not ready to go. You are expected to setup windows and all standard microsoft setups include you requiring to setup an account for login and include 7 different ways your info gets sent to them daily.

We do all the work with setting up your laptop with a local login not requiring a microsoft account and disabling all microsost access to your data.

When you get home with a laptop bought from us you can turn it on and start using it.


Fixed Labour Charge for Screen Replacements


Starting at $45 for all other services.