Analog to Digital Conversion Services.

Preserve Your Memories

Send in your ageing tapes and discs, and convert them to digital. Your videos will be saved on DVD, memory stick or cloud safely and simply.

Future-proof your outdated videos, audio, photos and slides with our Analog to Digital conversion services.

Do not let your precious memories lie forgotten and unwatchable or get destroyed by mould or dust. We will convert your VHS tapes, Cassettes, 8 Millimetre, SD Cards and Slides that you will love to watch and share with others.

We run a cleaning system in our equipment before we use your media.

We offer VHS, 8Millimetre, Cassette, Records and all format memory cards to DVD or USB with our conversion services and we will convert your Analog recordings into digital format affordably and quickly.

You will soon be able to take a trip down memory lane and share forgotten moments with loved ones anywhere in the world.

Starting at only $20 per media (prices pending if we are required to clean media) regardless of length for single copies we offer a discount for five to ten at only $15 or save with ten or more for only $10 each.

Give us a call or send us an email or message. We are here to help you bring back memories you thought were never going to be watched again.

We upscale all video recording to 1080p to get you the best quality video and sound that we can.

We also have a DVD duplicator so we can make multiple copies of each recording for only $5 per DVD to give to family and friends.

Analog to Digital Conversions Kallangur

We can convert all Analog recordings to digital Kallangur

Onsite Home and Business Computer Services

We all have treasured memories recorded on an old home video, or a snap shot of that special occasion on a photo, but did you know that those movies and images are degrading and slowly fading away?

Technogeek Digital Transfer, Tape Transfer service and Image Restoration service is here to help you with all of your image digitisation and Analog transfer requirements including VHS to DVD and DVD to USB.

Discounts are available if you have 5 or more items to transfer. Simply send us a message with the type of conversion and the quantity and we'll come back to you with a quotation.

Protecting Precious Memories

Our state of the art transfer ensures your VHS, Mini-DV & Hi-8 video tapes can be digitally stored and shared for generations to come.

We also transfer all cassettes, LP's and Slides onto DVD or USB as well as the Cloud...

Ask about our custom built computer systems

PC Protection Services by Technogeek

Mass Copies for Friends and Family

We have the ability to mass duplicate copies of DVD's and USB's.

We are happy to provide you with a reliable service to transfer all of your old and cherished recordings to USB or DVD.

Having all your family videos transferred from VHS, mini-dv or Hi-8 videos to DVD or USB means you can preserve your memories and share them with your loved ones.

USB memory sticks or DVDs of your old tapes make great Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary presents for all the family so sort those tapes out now and send them to us as soon as possible.

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