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Technogeek Computer and Laptop Harddrive Data Recovery Services Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Is your harddrive playing up? Not starting? Things seem to be missing?
Is it making ticking noises and now the pc will not run? Accidentally wiped important files or photos?
We provide software and hardware data recovery services for all desktop and laptop computers.

We can determine if the issue is software or hardware after a diagnosis.
If we cannot access your drive as it has failed heads we will need to send it to a company we have a close relationship with who can repair hardware and retrieve your important data.

Take a look at our managed home pc protection service we offer.

● Anti-Virus Protection ● Web Protection ● AV Monitoring ● AV Updates ● Threat/Status Reporting ● Cannot Be Shutdown by Infections ● Used by Goverments & Corporations ● Malware - Trojan - Spyware Protection ● Never Expires


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