Computer Data Recovery


Is your computer playing up? Has it stopped working? Did you delete files you needed? Did you drop your external harddrive unit?

Did you accidentally drop your device/s in water or a hard concrete floor which causes severe damage to the hardware as well as the software of our devices and you can no longer view or see those files you urgently need?

Technogeek can help with Hardware Data Recovery of all shapes and forms.

Don't stress if any of the above has happened. We can provide complete hardware data retrieval services.

If it is You deleted a file or you have a message that the drive is not formatted we can retrieve your data inhouse.
If it is a hardware failure, i.e. Ticking hdd, dropped pc or external storage unit we can send the unit off for a quote for only $50.

  • Hard Drive – PC & Mac Devices (Including Laptops, Tablets and Phones)
  • Small Media such as SD cards, USB Sticks or Flash Memory Data.
  • RAID Data Recovery.
  • Small Media such as SD.

In the majority of these cases, the chances of recovering an accidentally lost data are really high; however, for some cases, the data loss is irreversible and permanent.
If you are wondering why is that so? Well, mostly the chances of recovering lost data depend on what are the things that you do immediately once the accidental damage has occurred.

If you can relate to any of the above options here is a list of steps and things that you should do right after you notice something has gone wrong with your data or there has been damage that most likely will inflict the data loss:

  • Do not panic and stop what you were doing: When faced with accidental damage, do not panic. Stop whatever you were doin . It is normal, and if you deal with this situation quickly, your chances of data recovery are increased drastically.
  • Check out your backup options such as cloud, drive or even external hard drives: the next step should be check for any external hard drives or cloud backups. These days most of our work is backed up at regular intervals on the cloud or an external drives. You can use a separate system to login to these drives and check if there was any backup
  • Shut down your device and give us a call or email: If there was no backup, drop off your system  and prepare to get your important data recovered as soon as you can.

  • Call the Experts at Technogeek Computer Services.

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