PC Monitor Screen Repairs and Replacements

Monitor Replacement

When you turn on your computer and it makes all the right noises and the lights come on, it can be a bit of a quandary when nothing comes on the screen. There are a few reasons why this may be the case, which makes it a tricky one to get to the bottom of.

It could be your monitor – try borrowing one from a friend or neighbour – this is much easier than it used to be before these flat screens

If you get the same results on a borrowed monitor then you need to swap your cable – you may have done this at the same time as you borrowed the monitor, in which case good move.

Still no joy – well it could be your graphics card. If you have a dedicated one then borrowing another might be a bit of a problem. If you are using on board graphics then you might want to also try borrowing a dedicated graphics card, though this still involves opening up your PC.

One thing is sure though, you don’t want to go off buying anything till you know what to buy, and for many, the idea of opening up your computer to put in cards is a no-go. Do what you are comfortable with, and call us if you don’t get a definite answer before getting to a part you aren’t happy to try.

While monitors can technically be repaired the cost is over the price of what it will cost you to buy a replacement. Parts are expensive as they are not mass produced, labour is not cheap and Screen replacements are required to be ordered in from overseas and as part of any screen replacement, a full calibration to ensure that the screen is outputting correctly is required and that requires specific expensive equipment. The fees to make back any profit will make it a very expensive exercise.

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