Diagnostic Services

Computer Hardware Replacement and Upgrade Services

Is your computer restarting? Not starting? PC running too run slow?
Is it powering off after some time? Are your case fans full of dust or are the bearing wearing?
Is your computer or laptop lagging behind when compared to others?
Do you need a faulty part in your computer replaced?

Well, we're here to help! Our technicians will install or upgrade any of the components of your computer at a price and speed that'll make us your choice for future hardware services.
We provide full hardware replacement and upgrade installation services for all desktop computers.

We can add a new cpu cooling fan or radiator, ram or harddrive, dvd drive or video card.


  • – You have no power at all and no lights are turning on.
  • – Your computer has power but nothing on the screen.
  • – Your computer makes a series of beeping noises when you turn it on.
  • – Your computer will randomly crash, reboot or hang.
  • – There are strange noises coming from inside your computer that are not normal.
  • – Your computer will not get into Windows and gives an error message.
  • – Your computer will not get past the first BIOS screen.


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