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Laptop Screen Replacement Services


We are able to repair or get repaired any brand laptop on the market that requires a screen replacement. We generally have a 1-3 day timeframe to get in pc laptop screens as required. We cannot carry screens in stock due to the huge range of makes and models on the market.

Apple Laptop Screens are required to be sent to our supplier in Melbourne for fitting due to warranty.
Microsoft Surface units are also required to be sent to our supplier in Melbourne to be fitted due to the specialist nature of them. All screens have a 1 to 3 year warranty.
Most times it only takes 5-7 working days to be sent, screens replaced and returned to us for pickup.


Take a look at our managed home pc protection service we offer.

● Anti-Virus Protection ● Web Protection ● AV Monitoring ● AV Updates ● Threat/Status Reporting ● Cannot Be Shutdown by Infections ● Used by Goverments & Corporations ● Malware/Trojan/Spyware Protection ● Never Expires


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