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Malware Clean and Tune Services

Malware Clean and Tune Service

Malware Removal Service.

We can remove malicious software causing system security problems, pop-ups and slow internet access. Malware are fake programs that are designed to get you to pay either online or call and get someone to remote into your pc. Once this is done they have access to your credit card and to all files in your pc.
This service includes removing any malware infections that are lurking in your computer and causing issues.
Our advanced malware removal service includes a computer security audit.

This service also includes us cleaning up your windows from damage left by the infections as well as fine tuning your pc to get you the best out of it.

We also provide our branded monthly subscription high quality Managed Antivirus and Web Protection Services to suit all budgets starting at only $15 a month.

If your current pc protection has not protected you, why would you pay money to get your pc cleaned and working again just to use the same so called protection? Our recommended pc protection is used in government and corporations. You will not find what you buy in the shops or online used by these people.

Take a look at our managed home pc protection service we offer.

● Anti-Virus Protection ● Web Protection ● AV Monitoring ● AV Updates ● Threat/Status Reporting ● Cannot Be Shutdown by Infections ● Used by Goverments & Corporations ● Malware - Trojan - Spyware Protection ● Never Expires


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