SONY Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair Services


Why choose The Technogeek for all of your out of Warranty SONY laptop repairs?

We are able to repair your SONY branded laptop that requires a screen replacement. We generally have a 1-3 day timeframe to get in your SONY laptop screen. We cannot carry screens in stock due to the huge range of models on the market. See us to help you with an SONY Laptop Screen Replacement or Laptop repair services at Kallangur.


Don't scrap your SONY laptop over a cracked or dark LCD screen. We can replace broken laptop screens on any SONY laptop or notebook for much less than a new laptop.
Our supplier stocks over 4000 model screens, with us averaging a 2-3 working day turnaround for the repair/replacement once an order is placed.

Whatever the problem you are facing with your SONY laptop, we can fix it:

  • SONY laptop screen replacement
  • SONY laptop dc jack replacement
  • Virus removal
  • SONY laptop hinge repairs
  • SONY Data recovery
  • SONY laptop insurance quotes
  • Hard drive replacement (including SSD)
  • Software re install
  • SSD upgrades
  • Memory upgrades
  • Fast turnaround on repairs

Oops! Have you got a cracked, smashed or shattered SONY laptop screen?

We are here to get your SONY laptop screen fixed fast.

We have been replacing SONY Laptop screens for over 15 years that are broken, cracked or faulty. Our Repair Centre for SONY laptop LCD screen services based at Kallangur.

We have many SONY laptop and notebook screens available at great cost effective prices. We even have the NanoEdge display and SONY touch screen replacements. Our SONY laptop screen replacement service is offered in all areas of Brisbane.

Some of the more popular models in the SONY laptop range we have been repairing.

  • SONY ZenBook Screen Replacement
  • SONY ROG Zephyrus Screen Replacement
  • SONY ROG Strix Screen Replacement
  • SONY Pro (SONYPRO) Screen Replacement
  • SONY ProArt StudioBook Screen Replacement
  • SONY Chromebook Screen Replacement
  • SONY ROG Strix Scar Screen Replacement
  • SONY VivoBook Screen Replacement
  • SONY ROG Republic Of Gamers Screen Replacement


We are able to repair or get repaired any brand laptop on the market that requires a screen replacement. We generally have a 1-3 day timeframe to get in pc laptop screens as required. We cannot carry screens in stock due to the huge range of makes and models on the market. Please note that SONY and Microsoft Screens repairs need to be sent off-site due to warranty.

  • Asus Laptop Screen Repairs
  • HP Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Acer Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Samsung Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Sony Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Dell Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Compaq Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Chromebook Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Kogan Laptop Screen Repairs
  • MSI Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Macbook Air Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Panasonic Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Microsoft Laptop Screen Repairs

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