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Complete Professional Website Services

Rent and Buy Website services providing you with one to five year package options. We also provide outright website purchases for professional and fully functional responsive template and custom multi-page packages.

Rent and Buy Websites offer a huge range of extras to provide you more options for either an extra monthly payments or an outright purchase. You can buy cheap website services or use the monthly services that some companies like Wix (who also own your website completely) offer.

However you will not get the support of one on one for phone or email with someone who has been with you from the start. Someone who knows your needs nor will your website be designed like we can design it. It will also not have the options of all the extras we can provide you. Providing one to five year website rentals as well as outright sales for professionally designed and fully functional responsive multi-page website packages.

These are designed for mobiles, laptops, tablets and computers that you can pay off with a small deposit and monthly payments.

You can buy ownership of your website with a small balloon payment at the end*. We provide options for self editing that requires small monthly or yearly payments. You can also ask about our customised options to suit many budgets..

We provide many features like marketing and seo as well as logo design and voice and video services that have an option to be paid monthly or in one go pending the service.

We specialise in website design and development for Trades and Small Business Owners and we understand the cost of a website can make a huge difference in the style, type and quality you would receive. We usually require only a small deposit based on your services although some will be required upfront as some services require us to pay another provider before we can get you started.

Fully responsive designs for your website that will all change size with no loss of quality for any viewing device. Any design and any add on services can be done on a payment plan.

Technogeek Website Design Services

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Self Editing Website Services by Technogeek

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