Technogeek Mobile Phone Forensic Services

Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations

Mobile phone forensics has become more prevalent, with smartphone devices increasing in performance, data storage capacity and overall capabilities. Operating across Australia, our digital forensic investigators are specialists in mobile phone investigations. We preserve, extract, analyse and report the electronic data retrieved from mobile devices for use in criminal, civil, corporate and legal aid matters.

We specialise in the expert examination and investigation of Mobile Phone Forensic Evidence and other Digital Media and provide our findings in easy to understand reports.

Our Client's Confidentiality is of the upmost importance and all correspondence is treated with discretion, from point of initial contact to the conclusion of any digital forensic investigation.

Our Technogeek Digital Forensics experts carry out targeted analysis to uncover a wealth of information that can be vital to a case. This might include web and user activity, access and modification dates, email chronology and printing, copying and deletion history.

  • Determining whether data theft has occurred within your business.
  • Identifying illegal and indecent imagery.
  • Establishing the extent of a policy breach within your organisation.
  • Recovery of deleted or lost data.
  • Summary of mobile internet usage.
  • Production of photographs, videos and call lists.
  • Determine location of a phone at a specific time and date.
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