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What is remote support?

Remote PC support services for desktops and laptops have many perks, such as making things easier and faster. Users can get technical help without having to go to a physical place or have someone over at your place.
This saves you time and money on petrol and cheaper than an onsite service by many $$.
Remote services let us fix problems and update software in real time, which makes sure that problems are fixed quickly and systems stay safe and up to date.

Our Remote PC Services are charged at $45 per 20 minutes. You will require a working desktop or laptop, internet that does not cut out and licenced windows. If you do not have any of these unfortunately we cannot provide you remote support.

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Services available in our workshop!

Hardware Repair: fixing physical computer parts like screens, motherboards, or hard drives.
Software Repair: diagnosing and fixing software issues like malware removal, troubleshooting crashes, and reinstalling operating systems.
Data Recovery: recovering important files lost due to hard drive crashes, accidental deletion, or other reasons.
Virus Removal: helping you remove viruses, malware, and other harmful software from your computer.
Computer Maintenance: performing regular cleaning, software updates, and data backups to prevent problems.
Networking: setting up home or office networks, troubleshooting network problems, and improving Wi-Fi signal.
IT Support: offering ongoing IT support to businesses and individuals, including troubleshooting, software installation, and security updates.
Data Backup: helping you set up a data backup system to protect your important files.

What is the difference between remote support and remote desktop?

Computer Services and Repairs
How does a remote PC work?

Need an Insurance Report?

Spilled your coffee? Dropped your Laptop? Power Surge? Get our fast, Our insurance reports to allow you to file your claim fast!

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Your Tech Fix-It Repairer!

From windows software updates causing issues to hardware repairs and fixes, we can help solve your computer tech troubles with ease.

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Full Dust Clean Services:

Breathe easy! Laptop or Desktop Computers. We banish dust bunnies and grime, keeping your computer running cool and efficient.

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Complete Tune Up Services:

Is your laptop or computer performing slowly? Our 12 point Tune-up service offers a peak performance boost. It is just like a fresh start for your pc!

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