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All make and model laptop screen replacement services

Why choose Technogeek your out of Warranty laptop repairs on all make and model laptops?

Don't scrap your laptop over a cracked or dark LCD screen.

We can replace broken laptop screens on any make and model laptop or notebook for much less than a new laptop.

Our supplier stocks over 6000 model screens, with us averaging a 2-3 working day turnaround for the repair/replacement once an order is placed.

Give us a call and see how we can sort out your laptop screen issue..

We have access to almost 6000 laptop screens, we have repaired all types of laptops, and have hundreds of happy clients of our laptop screen repair services.

There are several factors to consider:

Cost - It may or may not be economical to replace the screen. Typical rule-of-thumb is that if the cost of the repair is less than 50% of the purchase price of the laptop then it's worth it.

How valuable is the software or content of the laptop - Often the software installed on the laptop or the data contained on the laptop is worth more than the laptop itself. In this case it may be worth it to exceed the 50% guideline.

Additional damage to the laptop - If the hinges, hard drive, or keyboard are damaged, and the cost is already approaching 50%, it may not be worth it to go forward with the repair.

With touchscreen laptops becoming more common, it's not a simple choice on which part needs to be replaced.

Choices include not just the LCD screen, there is also a touch glass digitizer, the LCD/Digitizer assembly, the complete upper assembly etc.
Also there may be several different screen resolutions for a particular laptop model. Our support staff are ready to help and answer these questions.

For us to order a screen we require a photo of the plate at the bottom of the laptop showing us the make, model, serial number and product id and in the case of a Dell the tag number.

Our suppliers will not give us a link that shows us price and availability without this information to be sure it is the correct part.

Pending the issue we will usually require to look at the unit to verify the part you think is required is actually what is required as all laptop parts orders are non refundable and we would rather be certain the correct part or parts are ordered.

Technogeek provides laptop screen replacement and laptop screen repair services for cracked, broken and damaged laptop and notebook computer LCD screens.

We provide service for ACER, ASUS, CHROMEBOOK, COMPAQ, DELL, HP, MSI, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, SONY, TOSHIBA and most other brand notebook computers.

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