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We can sell any make and model of laptop that is on the market excluding Apple and Dell.
We can fully customise the options of harddrives and ram.

All Brand Laptops

Below is one of our more popular models with the upgrades we recommend.
Please note that these are business class laptops we sell, not standard retail so they are built better.
The changes we recommend not only make this unit exceedingly fast, it also extends the battery life by 30%.

By added the faster ram and the super fast harddrive you have a 6 second turn on and 2 second turn off laptop. You can open up to 8 windows at once with no slowdown and move between them immediately. With no mechanical harddrive you also extend battery life and make the laptop more durable.

HP G250 Intel i5 Laptop. Standard Unit Priced at $899


7th Generation CPU
Intel i5
Standard 4GB 2133Mhz Ram Recommend: 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM
Standard Western Digital 1TB Blue Edition Drive Recommend: 500GB SSD
Network Wired and Wireless
15.6" Screen
Full size Keyboard with Numpad
Card Reader
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64
Priced at $1299 with the recommended extras

Our laptops with upgrades are also not pre installed with all the junk and the default windows. We do a fully customised windows install with all the tweaks and changes we can do to squeeze out every bit of extra performance from your new laptop.

Intel Processors

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