We protect our users with top-tier security features that are powerful and protect all your important data 100% of the time.

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In today's digital age, it is more important than ever to ensure the protection and security of our computers and personal information.

Technogeek offers a comprehensive and affordable solution with their complete managed and monitored PC protection plan. For just $15 per month, users can receive top-notch security features and peace of mind.

This all-inclusive package provides a report every 120 minutes delivered to Technogeek for complete monitoring and protection against viruses, malware, and other cyber threats.

Technogeek's team of skilled professionals work tirelessly to keep your computer safe, regularly updating security software and conducting thorough scans to detect and eliminate any potential threats. Additionally, their managed services ensure that your computer is running smoothly and efficiently, solving any technical issues that may arise.

With Technogeek's complete PC protection, you can surf the web, download files, and access your personal information with confidence, knowing that your digital world is safeguarded against online dangers.

Don't compromise on your computer's security - invest in Technogeek's affordable and comprehensive protection plan today.tems from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats.

These services go beyond just installing antivirus software and often include a range of features designed to enhance security and provide proactive defense against various cyber risks.

Here are some common features and benefits of Technogeeks managed virus protection services:

  1. Guarantee Provided: Technogeek is the only IT company in Australia that offers a FREE $145 virus clean services if our antivirus services were to ever fail. Has not happened in 9 years with over 1000 clients.
  2. Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software: Managed services include robust antivirus and anti-malware software that is regularly updated to guard against the latest threats.
  3. 24/7 Monitoring: Managed service providers monitor your systems around the clock, identifying and addressing potential security issues in real-time.
  4. Threat Detection and Response: These services often include advanced threat detection mechanisms that can identify suspicious activities and respond to threats promptly.
  5. Patch Management: Regularly updating software and operating systems is crucial for security. Managed services ensure that all patches and updates are applied promptly to minimize vulnerabilities.
  6. Firewall Management: Managed firewalls help protect your network from unauthorized access and cyber attacks.
  7. Email Security: Managed services may offer email filtering and protection to prevent phishing attacks, spam, and malicious attachments from reaching your inbox.
  8. Data Backup and Recovery: Some services include data backup and recovery solutions to help you restore your systems and data in case of an attack.
  9. Endpoint Security: Managed services often extend protection to all devices connected to your network, including computers, laptops, mobile devices, and servers.
  10. Security Consulting: Managed service providers may offer consulting services to help you assess your cybersecurity posture, identify vulnerabilities, and implement best practices.
  11. Security Reporting: Regular reports about security incidents, threats blocked, and overall system health can help you understand the effectiveness of the service.
  12. Compliance Assistance: Managed services can assist businesses in meeting industry-specific compliance requirements related to data security.
  13. Remote Support: When issues arise, managed services providers can offer remote assistance to troubleshoot and resolve problems without the need for on-site visits.

Choosing the right managed virus protection service depends on your specific needs, the size of your organisation, and your budget. It's important to work with reputable providers with a proven track record in cybersecurity.
Before signing up for a service, consider discussing your requirements and expectations, reviewing their service level agreements, and asking about their incident response processes.

Remember that while managed virus protection services can significantly enhance your security, maintaining good cyber hygiene, letting us educate you about safe online practices, and staying informed about the latest threats are also important components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

PC Protection with a 100% success rate.

As cyber threats grow costlier to all residential and business users, having the right IT security tools in place is essential. Technogeek has been providing our own branded pc protection services for the last 9 years.

Technogeek gives you powerful security features with maximum flexibility. With the award-winning enterprise level Bitdefender engine for antivirus and antimalware, configurable two-way firewalls, content filtering, ransomware protection, application controls, and user controls.

Technogeek provides the tools you need to help combat todays cyber threats. When used in combination with Backup Manager and our Risk Intelligence, we can offer a full layered security solution to help protect our customers before, during, and after cyberattacks.

Deliver layered security services.

Deliver layered security that gives us the power to protect client systems, data, devices, and networks.
Integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to deliver next-gen protection against evolving threats.
Automated OS and third-party patch management to help ensure systems and applications are protected from exploits.
Password management for clients with our Passportal Site to improve password hygiene amongst end users.
Web protection at the device or network level to thwart drive-by malware, phishing, or other DNS-related attacks.

Technogeek pc protection services

We can load our software onto Windows Computers, Mac Systems and Mobile Phones as well as Servers.

Get advanced protection

We can load our software onto Windows Computers, Mac Systems and Mobile Phones as well as Servers.

We can place locks on Mobile Phones and even wipe all business accessable data at the click of a mouse button.

Signature-based scans: Scan your systems using the most up-to-date virus definitions to help defend against the latest malware threats.

Rule-based and behavioral scans: Supplement traditional signature-based scans with an antivirus that detects programs and files that perform actions similar to viruses. This helps to protect you against emerging, undiscovered malware.

Proactive notifications: Receive updates and notifications in near real-time, as well as in-depth reports across your endpoints. If a malware infection occurs, these notifications can help you remedy the situation quickly.

Go beyond antivirus.

Firewall: We protect our clients networks against incoming threats with fully configurable, two-way firewalls.

Web content filtering: We help keep users safe from malicious sites by filtering based on content categories.

Application control: Block software programs across your network to help improve productivity and prevent users from installing unsecure applications.

Reporting: We get some of the latest data on new threats detected by our Security Manager. Additionally, we provide easy-to-access reports on AV installation status, making it easier to help protect our customers devices.

Report Manager: Security Manager is fully integrated with Report Manager, which allows us to create custom branded reports for our customers.

Disk Encryption Manager: In combination with our Disk Encryption Manager is an efficient way to manage, monitor, and report on our customers device encryption requirements.

Competitive uninstall: Our software automatically uninstalles competitive AV products, preventing installation conflicts.

Profiles: We can create profiles to apply specific tasks to endpoints or servers, including antivirus installations and updates, scan schedules, virus definition downloads, and more.

Technogeek gives you powerful security features with maximum flexibility. With the award-winning Bitdefender engine for antivirus and antimalware, configurable two-way firewalls, content filtering, ransomware protection, application controls, and user controls.

We offer all of our 700 plus clients a full clean and wipe service for NO CHARGE (usually $145) if you were to ever get an infection.


We offer all of our 1000 plus clients a full clean and wipe service for NO CHARGE (usually $145) if you were to ever get an infection.

We have not once in many years of supplying our own branded protection had a single client with an infection who has our services on thier systems.

We are so confident on our protection services that it will cost you nothing for us to fix your system.

This includes any data recovery if required. Software only NOT Hardware.
We cannot be held liable for anything that can damage hardware.
This can usually cost anywhere from $800 up to $6500.

*Does not include any directed attacks against your systems.

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