"Technogeek Diagnostics: Prices starting from $45 to $99"

Technogeek provides reliable PC diagnostics
for all devices in Kallangur.

Dealing with laptop or desktop troubles can be really frustrating, right? Well, that's where Technogeek steps in to help with your diagnostic services.

For prices starting from $45 to $99 (only if you decide not to go ahead with any repairs), you can get expert help figuring out what's wrong with your computer.

Whether your computer is taking forever to start, crashing all the time, or showing weird error messages, our diagnostics services will check both the hardware and software to find out what's causing the problem.

Technogeek for all your computer services repairs based in Kallangur

How to diagnose problems with a laptop?


If your computer gets damaged by being dropped, smashed, or exposed to water or fire, we can create an insurance report for you. This report helps you prove to your insurance company that you need a replacement or repair for your computer.

If the damage is so severe that it's not worth fixing, we'll recommend to your insurance company that they replace your computer instead of repairing it. This is called a Beyond Economical Repair (BER) report.


The cost of an Insurance Report depends on the type of computer you have. Once we receive your computer, we typically finish the report in 3 days. If you can't bring your computer to us, we do offer a collection service at your cost using our courier.

We will organise the pick up of your laptop or desktop computer, create the report, and send it to your insurance company. Then we'll ship your laptop, All in One PC, computer or IT device back to you.

How to check if a laptop is defective?

Technogeek offers professional diagnostics for
laptops, desktops and PCs in Kallangur.

Our tech experts use special tools to find out what's going on and give you a detailed report so you know exactly what needs fixing or upgrading.

By using these services, you can avoid the stress of trying to fix the problem yourself and get your laptop or desktop working smoothly again in no time.

And don't worry about paying for the diagnostic if you decide to go ahead with any repairs.

We have all the tools and know-how to test any PC equipment to find out what's wrong, and we'll give you a quote before we start any work.

How to do a diagnostic test on a laptop?

How do I run a full diagnostic on my computer?

When something goes wrong with your computer, whether it's been zapped by lightning, got wet, or just won't turn on, we'll figure out what's going on and let you know if it can be fixed or if you need a replacement.

Unfortunately, we can't repair Microsoft Surface units or tablets because they're not made to be fixed. And monitors can't be repaired either because replacement parts are impossible to come by and the equipment needed for repairs is super expensive.

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