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"Expert Computer Repairs: Reliable Services with a Warranty"

At Technogeek, ensuring customer satisfaction remains our foremost priority. As a testament to this commitment, we proudly extend a warranty on the majority of our labor services.

We acknowledge the unpredictable nature of technology and aim to instill peace of mind in our customers by guaranteeing quality service. Whether it involves computer repairs, software installations, or network setups, our adept technicians labor diligently to deliver excellence.

"Trusted Computer Services: Comprehensive Solutions with Warranties"

Virus & Malware Removal:
In the event of virus or malware removal from your PC, if you encounter a recurrence of the same infection or encounter related issues anytime after we have performed a full clean and service of your system and you decide to than use our $15 per month pc protection, we offer to credit the service fee towards the cost of a full Data Backup & Windows Reinstallation valued at $249.

Please be aware that virus services are not included in any warranty if you choose not to utilise our $15 monthly PC protection.

All hardware (parts) installed in our workshop come with a 12-month parts & labor warranty, unless otherwise specified. Some components may carry an extended manufacturer’s warranty beyond the initial 12 months, which covers parts only and may require labor charges.

Our warranty not only covers the quality of our services but also provides protection against any potential issues that may arise within a 30-day period following the completion of our service. This ensures that if you encounter any difficulties related to the work performed, we are committed to promptly addressing and resolving them at no additional cost to you.

Confident in our expertise, we aim to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients. At Technogeek, you can trust us to handle your technological needs with skill and care.

"New Desktop Computers, 1 Year Warranty Included"

Covered Components:

The internal hardware components of the new desktop computer system.

Not Covered:

Virus or malware infections
Software problems
External devices such as printers and scanners
Physical damage
Damage relating to power surges or any fault not directly related to the internal hardware of the computer.

Warranty Details:

Desktop computer systems built by Technogeek after July 1st, 2020, come with a 12-month return-to-base warranty, unless otherwise specified.
Desktop computer systems built between January 1st, 2010, and June 30th, 2021, are covered by a 12-month return-to-base warranty, as advertised at the time of sale.

Return Process:

In the event of any issues with your computer, please contact us at
3482 2915
Our staff will guide you on where to return the computer for warranty service.
Alternatively, you have the option to pay a service fee for one of our technicians to visit your home or office for repairs. Replacement parts are covered by the warranty.

14-Day DOA Warranty:

For all new computer systems installed onsite, a 14-day Dead on Arrival (DOA) warranty applies.
If you experience any faults within the first 14 days, contact us immediately for onsite repair or replacement. Service fees apply if no fault is found or if the issue is not covered under the warranty.

Software Issues:

If the problem is determined to be software-related (e.g., virus infection), we will provide an estimated cost of repair.
In certain situations, such as hard drive failure, it may be necessary to reinstall Windows. User data backup and restoration services are available for a fee.

Backup Recommendations:

We strongly recommend regular backups, including image backups, to facilitate easy restoration in case of Windows reinstallation.
If you need assistance setting up a backup system, our technicians can help for a fee.
Ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your desktop computer is our priority. If you have any questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

New Laptops

Your new laptop is covered under warranty directly with its manufacturer. In the unlikely event you experience problems with your laptop, ensure you backup all of your data and contact the manufacturer for further warranty instructions.

ASUS – 07 3849 2999 or 1300 278 788
Toshiba – 02 9887 6000
Samsung – Phone 1300 362 603
Lenovo – Phone 131 426

For all other laptop manufactures, please visit the manufactures website for their contact information.

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