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Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

Did you accidentally delete an important file? Did you also empty the Recycle Bin? Is your drive showing drive must be formatted error? Don't worry!

Our File Recovery services can revive photos, documents, videos, and other types of files on a mechanical hard drive, SSD, USB drive, or memory card. Our program supports FAT, NTFS, and exFAT file systems. FAT and exFAT are used for SD cards, flash drives, and USB drives with less than 4GB of storage. NTFS is typically used on mechanical drives, SSDs, external hard drives, flash drives, and USB drives larger than 4GB.

Software data recovery services are offered by Technogeek professionals who specialise in recovering lost or deleted data from various storage devices using software-based techniques. These services are typically used when data loss is due to accidental deletion, file system corruption, software issues, or logical errors rather than physical hardware damage. Here are some common steps involved in software data recovery services:

  1. Assessment: Technogeek will first assess the extent of data loss and determine if software-based recovery methods are applicable.
  2. Diagnosis: Technogeek will diagnose the root cause of the data loss, whether it's due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus/malware attack, corrupted file systems, etc.
  3. Recovery Software: Technogeek will use specialized data recovery software tools to scan the storage device and attempt to recover lost or deleted files. These tools can often restore data even if it has been deleted from the Recycle Bin or Trash.
  4. File Identification: The software will identify recoverable files and present a list to the user or technician. Users can then select the files they want to recover.
  5. Recovery Process: The selected files will be recovered using the software, and they will usually be saved to a different storage location to prevent overwriting.
  6. Verification: The recovered files will be verified to ensure their integrity and usability. Some providers may even provide previews of recovered files before finalising the recovery process.
  7. Delivery: Once the recovery process is complete and verified, the recovered files will be delivered to the client through a secure method.
  8. It's important to note that software-based recovery methods may not be suitable for all situations. If your storage device has suffered physical damage (e.g., a hard drive with mechanical failure), you might need to consult a professional data recovery lab that specializes in hardware repairs and more advanced recovery techniques.
  9. When considering software data recovery services, keep the following points in mind:
  10. Experience and Reputation: Look for reputable service providers with a track record of successful recoveries.
  11. Data Privacy and Security: Ensure that the provider has proper data protection protocols to safeguard your sensitive information during the recovery process.
  12. Customer Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge the quality of service.
  13. Cost: Inquire about the pricing structure upfront and whether there are any hidden fees.
  14. Turnaround Time: Ask about the estimated time it will take to recover your data.
  15. Customer Support: Ensure that the provider offers good customer support throughout the recovery process.

Remember that prevention is key to avoiding data loss. Regularly backing up your important data can save you from the stress and potential expense of data recovery services in the first place.

We can retrieve all data from all mobiles and computers.We can retrieve all data from all mobiles and computers.

Looking for an insurance report for any IT items?

Technogeek IT Repairs provide insurance reports to all brands of desktop, all in one and laptop computer systems.

Damage and or failures caused by situations from being dropped, smashed, water and fire damage insurance reports are made in house that will enable you to validate your claim with your insurer in a 'new for old' replacement or to repair the computer.

BER (Beyond Economical Repair) report would be a recommendation to your Insurer to replace the affected product rather than replace, due to costs being economically viable.

Our charge for an Insurance Report is determined on what type of machine in question & the typical turnaround time is 3 days from receipt of computer, a collection service is also available via our courier.

We can collect the laptop or desktop, create the digital report which you can forward to your Insurer and then ship the computer back to you.

The charge for this service will be confirmed to you when you call our workshop & the typical turnaround time is 2-4 days.

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