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Showing you some of the scam emails that we receive daily.

Even with hundreds of rules running to stop fake emails we still are required everyday to add to our lists to remove all the fakes, scams and just purely annoying emails.

Never click on any option on any email without checking it is from a safe sender. This is not hard to do. Just click reply and look at the address it is sending back to. It will never match anything it should.

Another option is forward it to us to look at and we will tell you in seconds if it is safe or not.
Our email address is

This is an email that the scammers send out to try and get people to click on a link to 'protect' themselves. Clicking on any of the links will set yourself up for spamming and many times infect your computer. They are very lazy and uneducated when they send these out as they try in one way to make it look real and yet use the email address it is sent from as our own.

This is an email that the scammers have grabbed a picture from our website and are trying to get us to click on the link or we lose emails and our domain. Unfortunately for them we host our own websites and emails and this is an instant ignore but we have had clients from websites we host contact us asking about these style of email worried it is from us. Notice the very generic email from address.

This fake email is trying to get us to release held emails and uses our email address all through it. Unfortunately as soon as you click on any link you will be infected. You do not want to click on anything.

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We know that there are many threats out there and we have over 700 clients using our personalised protection services!!

Complete PC Protection with our own branded software. Used by governments and corporations our protection services are second to none.
Monitored every 120 minutes by us we are always there protecting your important and precious data.

Take a look!
Fully managed and monitored we are so positive we can protect you that if you were to get an infection we will do a full $145 clean service for FREE!

We clean a dozen computers a week with store bought and internet downloaded 'protection'.

After a $145 clean why then go back to the same 'protection' that obviously did not work.


This fake email is trying to offer you a free trial to Disney TV, as soon as you select that option you will be directed to a fake Disney website that will try and get all of your details and Credit Card information.

People get thousands of these emails daily. They are designed to do nothing other than let the spammer know that they have hit an active email address to send fake info to.
NEVER reply back to any email like this to unsubscribe or with not interested.

Yet another what for lots of us seems so obviously fake yet people get caught. The scammers send out 10's of thousands of these just waiting for the few that will fall for it.

Again another email just designed to get a response to allow spammers and scammers to target into an active email address.

Again another fake email this trying to get people to use thier services and again letting the spammers and scammers know they have hit a valid email address, notice they always list some part of Australia to try to make it look better.

A fake Australia Post email. Look at the sent from address. Not even making an effort in scamming as so many do this. Never select start chat.

Another fake antivirus protection email. Again look at the from address. They really make no effort and rely on the big picture to get people attention. Click on download your free trial and get your identity taken and your credit card cleared out with filling out the info they ask for.

Again we must make sure you understand to never click on any option on any email without checking it is from a safe sender. This is not hard to do. Just click reply and look at the address it is sending back to. It will never match anything it should.
And if not sure send it to us to check for you.

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