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In Queensland the biggest damage to a pc is heat! You need fan cooling.

Are you fed up with your desktop PC shutting down due to overheating during intense gaming sessions or struggling to keep up with demanding tasks? Maybe it is just normal home use and the computer turns off for no reason you can see.
Look no further than Technogeek's Fan Cooling Upgrade and Installation Services.

With our expertise in computer hardware and cooling systems, we offer top-notch solutions to ensure your devices run at optimal temperatures. Our team of skilled technicians will meticulously evaluate your system's requirements and suggest the best cooling upgrades. This could include installing additional fans, upgrading your CPU cooler, or enhancing airflow within your computer case, potentially even recommending a new case altogether.

We grasp the significance of maintaining a cool and efficient system to prevent damage and maximise performance.

Rest assured, our services are not only reliable but also affordable. Don't let overheating impede your computing experience – entrust Technogeek Fan Cooling Upgrade and Installation Services to provide the cooling solutions you need to keep your devices cool and your productivity soaring.

Is your computer running too hot?
Experiencing startup issues?
Running sluggishly?

Is it shutting down unexpectedly? Are your case fans clogged with dust or showing signs of wear? Is your computer equipped with a stock Intel cooler that barely suffices in cooling?

We offer comprehensive fan and accessories replacement and upgrade installation services for all desktop computers. Whether you require a new CPU cooling fan or radiator, we've got you covered.

All of our custom computers come standard with a large copper cooling unit that drops the running temp of your cpu and mainboard by up to 20' from a stock intel or AMD cooler.

Technogeek can fix your Computer if it is overheating, noisy, or just needs to have a fan replaced.
Fans on both laptops and desktops can fail for many reasons.
Computer fans can fail due to age, impact, or dust. In certain cases, fans need to be replaced.
Technogeek can replace or clean out your fan on your device which will allow it to run as cool as possible.

Fan and Accessory upgrade services Kallangur

Intel Stock Cooler
(Starts 45')

Technogeek can greatly improve the cooling and performance of your pc Kallangur

Copper Cooling Unit
(20' Cooler)

Technogeek can greatly improve the cooling and performance of your pc Kallangur

Copper Cooling Unit
(Starts 25')


Even though CPU coolers are the best known type of PC temperature-reducing components, coolers actually come in many shapes and sizes, being used for many things, including heat dissipation for storage units and even memory modules.

Out of all PC parts, however, the most needy, after the CPU, (and sometimes even more than the CPU) are graphics adapters.

In fact, video cards, especially the most high-end ones, have gained the habit of putting on fin arrays and fan assemblies so massive that they hardly leave room for anything else to be installed in our proximity.

Zalman is now continuing this trend, with the VF3000A VGA cooler.

video card coolers for all computer systems

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