Technogeek ensures that your business can recover quickly from any data loss event

Patching and more for all your data management services.

In today's digital age, data management is a critical aspect of running a successful business. With the increasing reliance on technology, businesses need to ensure that thier data is secure and easily accessible. This is where cloud and local backup services come into play. Technogeek, a leading provider of business data management services, offers a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of both cloud and local backup services.

Cloud backup provides the advantage of off-site storage, ensuring that your data is protected even in the event of physical damage to your premises. It also allows for easy scalability, so you can adjust your storage needs as your business grows. On the other hand, local backup ensures quick access to your data and minimizes downtime in case of an internet outage. Technogeek understands the critical nature of data security and offers robust encryption and authentication measures to safeguard your sensitive information.

With our advanced backup and recovery solutions, Technogeek ensures that your business can recover quickly from any data loss event, keeping your operations running smoothly. Trust Technogeek to handle your business data management needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is in safe hands.

Technogeek can run patches from our main dashboard with single-window patch details and third-party patching support. Uncover and address risks with scheduled and on-demand patch scans.

↻ We run third-party patching support for the most common application families, including Apple, Google, Java, Adobe, zip tools, and more.

↻ Benefit from continuous updates for Microsoft Windows (security-only and feature upgrades) with support for Exchange and Microsoft 365, and approve and install Windows drivers during maintenance windows.

↻ Patch macOS devices with confidence! We test and validate patches from Apple and 200+ other vendors before releasing them.

Troubleshoot and supporting our clients

Meet the challenges of the hour, every hour. We have access to easy-to-view dashboards that highlight any problems.

↻ We can remote into devices with a single click for user-facing sessions.

↻ We can perform background maintenance without disrupting our end users with a remote command line or by silently managing system processes and services.

↻ Our dashboards that allows us to prioritise work.

↻ We can drill down into device history and details with a single click.

↻ Troubleshoot and analise network path issues.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Restore old versions up to 30 days to forever.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Auto performance tune or set up your own.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Automatic or scheduled backup systems.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Be notified of your backup status regularly.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Locate a missing or stolen computer.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Order a USB drive of your data.

Hard Copy

Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Mobile app for iPhone and Android.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Share files you've backed up.


We can load our software onto Windows Computers, Mac Systems and Mobile Phones as well as Servers.

Monitor all devices and networks

Being able to see everything has its advantages. From spotting and identifying to maintaining and monitoring.

Technogeek can ensure that devices and endpoints are proactively managed in one place.

↻ We have a robust set of device checks for all systems.

↻ Manage and support Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi user communities.

↻ Create custom scripts.

↻ Identify and manage new devices as they enter the network and stay on top of unauthorised access.

↻ Easily oversee customer BYOD programs.

Technogeek gives complete backup services.

With a private encryption key for security, ensuring only this particular secure key can unlock your backup.

Private Key

Technogeek gives complete backup services.

All your files are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL and stored encrypted for full protection.


Technogeek gives complete backup services.

All the design code is fully native to Mac and PC and doesn’t use Java or any third party software or services.

Native Software

Technogeek gives complete backup services.

Two-factor verification via ToTP and SMS is available for all backup accounts for full and complete security.

We can load our software onto Windows Computers, Mac Systems and Mobile Phones as well as Servers.

When is the last time you completed an assessment of your backup environment?

Hackers are now focused on attacking your backup environments as our priority. They are now more sophisticated and experienced with our enterprise environment attacks. In recent months hackers have been performing ransomware attacks, completing targeted campaigns on backup environments. IT leaders often turn to our Local Secure backup solutions to restore our data as a last line of defense. Your backup data protection environment is now becoming the initial target of these daily attacks.

Instead of going straight for the crown jewels (Your primary environments), hackers are now disarming users, then destroy the backup environment to remove your safety net, and then go after your primary environments before demanding a ransom or threatening leak of confidential information or personal data causing embarrassment if payment isn’t received. In response to this, we have developed our robust 21-point security assessment for local based backup environments.

Local backup environment multi-point security assessment

Mitigate a ransomware attack and protect your safety net by investing in our specialist security assessment for your local based backup environment. Technogeek have developed a robust multi-point backup security assessment that comes complete with detailed recommendations, traffic light legend to indicate if things have been completed, cost, and level of complexity to remediate.

Local backup environment multi-point security assessment

We are experts in data backup and recovery solutions. Technogees local Backup Security Assessment gives you straightforward insights to improve your backup processes. The backup security assessment is designed to provide and inform important information to setup and secure your backups.

Combined with our monitored security services and we can really protect your business on all fronts!

Delivering layered security services

Deliver layered security that gives you the power to protect client systems, data, devices, and networks.

↻ Integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to deliver next-gen protection against evolving threats.

↻ Automated OS and third-party patch management to help ensure systems and applications are protected from exploits.

↻ Password management for clients with Passportal Site to improve password hygiene amongst end users.

↻ Web protection at the device or network level to thwart drive-by malware, phishing, or other DNS-related attacks.

PC Protection Services by Technogeek


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