What to do after the scammers have accessed my PC?

We are the ONLY business in Australia that offers a FREE $145 virus clean service if our protection was to ever fail!

If you suspect that you've been a victim of a scam whether that be by phone or email or remote access, don't panic. Work through our suggestions below to hopefully keep you from harm until we have fixed the issue.

Remove remote access (if unsure how, just restart your computer). That should cut the remote session and kick them out of your PC.

Call your bank to change all your passwords.

In some cases even if you avoided paying the scammers, they'll seek revenge on your machine.

Here are some things they might try
Main password lockout and removal of drivers.
Copy of all passwords and website logins for identity theft.

If you gave permission to the caller to access your computer, you should no longer consider it to be safe or clean. They might have installed programs, changed settings, or even installed a virus, malware, spyware, scareware or ransomeware. In short, you can no longer trust it.

This is where Technogeek is your friend.

We will backup and scan all of your data.
We will reformat and custom reinstall your windows thus removing any unwanted programs that have been installed.
We will run all updates.
We will transfer all of your clean data back onto your system.

We will install our $15 per month pc protection that will stop all of this happening again.

Our protection will stop all types of infections and not let you access fake websites stopping scam remote support chats and phone numbers from showing.


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