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Technogeek Complete Computer Services is a comprehensive and reliable computer service provider located in Kallangur. With our exceptional reputation and extensive range of services, we have become the go-to destination for all things tech-related in the area.

Whether you're in need of computer repairs, software installations, hardware upgrades, or even networking solutions, Technogeek has got you covered.

Our team of skilled technicians are not only highly trained and experienced, but we are also passionate about our work, ensuring that each customer receives top-notch service and support.
What sets Technogeek apart from the competition is our commitment to customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to meet our clients' needs and exceed our expectations.

We understand that technology can sometimes be overwhelming, so we take the time to explain things in a clear and concise manner, making sure that our customers are well-informed and empowered to make the best decisions for our computer systems.
Furthermore, Technogeek offers competitive pricing and quick turnaround times, ensuring that your computer issues are resolved efficiently and cost-effectively.

Whether you're a home user, a small business owner, or even home based business, Technogeek Complete Computer Services is the one-stop-shop for all your computer needs in Kallangur.

We have listed below the most complete listing of all our services by any Computer Service company.

Detailed information of all services we offer are listed below.
Please note that we do not carry stock or take on large risky purchases, we keep our costs to a minimum and this allows us to offer great competitive prices to our clients.
We may not be the cheapest at times however we stand by our service and equipment we supply as the best value. Technogeek has been operating for over 19 years helping locals.


We have all the equipment and facilities to run full tests on any desktop or laptop computer to determine the fault for you. Starting at only $45 up to $99 which you only pay if you decide to not go ahead with any recommended service. We will always provide you with a quote before we start any service after that.


Does your Desktop Computer have issues? Keeps shutting down? Will not Power on? Windows keeps cycling at the start? Lots of Pop-Ups? Internet Redirecting you?
We can Help!


Does your PC Laptop have issues? Keeps shutting down? Will not Power on? Windows in a loop? Internet Pop-Ups? Running really slow?
We can Help!


Professional computer repairs in Kallangur & North Lakes servicing all surrounding suburbs from North Lakes to Strathpine to Redcliffe. Technogeek provide all computer and laptop repairs with our Onsite | Workshop | Remote services


Computer Diagnostics & Repairs. Technogeek are a full-service computer company that caters to residential users and businesses. We have the experience to help you.


With our fully equipped offsite workshop we are able to take care of any and all IT issues that you are experiencing. Our staff are fully trained in all technical repair services.


We're one of the leading computer and laptop remote services for business and home users. Our remote IT service, allows us to access your computer from our office.


For reliable desktop and laptop PC repair services you can rely on Technogeek Computer Services. Just drop your desktop or laptop PC at our office, and we will do the rest.


We provide managed IT Services to a range of businesses and home users nationally. We are your daily IT support to end users with Systems monitoring, Security management, PC Protection, Patching services and more. Technogeek Computers offer managed services to businesses of all sizes.


Need virus protection? No problem! Technogeek offers complete managed anti-virus and system protection for all home users all around Australia.


Technogeek are IT specialists providing managed IT services, complete pc protection & complete system solutions to all size Business clients Australia Wide.


Technogeek Computer Repairs offers the Armed Forces and all Emergency Services a 25% discount on ANY labour services that we provide.


Technogeek Computer Services offers all current Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force personal 25% discount on ANY labour we provide.


Technogeek Computer Repairs offers all Emergency Services Personal from Police, Ambulance, SES and Fire a 25% discount on ANY labour we provide.


Technogeek Computer Repairs offers all Teachers and Retirees a 25% discount on ANY labour we provide.


Complete scan for viruses, spyware, malware and more trying to get into your email, operating system, or files. New threats can appear at anytime to steal your data or try to hack your system. Luckily, if you contact us at Technogeeks, we can help you clean out your computer, install anti-virus software to prevent viruses in the future and so much more.


A virus can do dangerous things to laptop and desktop computer. Viruses can slow down PC, crash or may corrupt operating system files. Viruses can be extremely harmful for your pc as it may expose your personal information to cyber criminals, encrypt files for ransom or corrupt your images, microsoft word, excel etc important files.


There is NO COMPARISON between what you buy at the retail shop or online with the services we provide. There has been thousands of times over the years we have cleaned a pc with the "top antivirus protection programs" that cost between $99 and $299 a year and found many infections. Monitored every 120 minutes on our systems.

The Microsoft Phone Scam

A scammer calls you and asks for you by name. we say we are a computer security expert from "The Windows Team" (or another legitimate tech company). The 'security expert' is plausible and polite, but officious. we say that your PC or laptop has been infected with malware, and that we can help you solve the problem. What happens now depends on the particular strain of scam with which you have been targeted. Some crooks will ask you to give them remote access to your PC or laptop, and then use the access to harness your personal data. Others get you to download malware that will do that task for you. A more straightforward scam is to simply ask for money in return for a lifetime of 'protection' from the malware we pretend is on your machine.


The process of cleaning up a computer infected with a virus or other malware can be frustrating and more than a little scary. Getting rid of the malware is not easy. Doing it by yourself can take hours, and there are times when a malware infection requires professional help.


Has your laptop or PC become infected with spyware or tojans? We can help by removing spyware and help prevent your computer from getting them in the future. We use professional tools to identify the problems and clean your computer of all known spyware and trojans.


IMAP and POP are the email protocols which allow you to download messages from mail servers to your computer using mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. The main advantage is that you can access your emails via a feature-rich browser-independent mail client. In case of POP, you get offline access to old mails too.


The main difference is that IMAP (Internet Messaged Access Protocol) always syncs with a mail server so that any changes you make in your mail client (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird) will instantly appear on your webmail inbox.


On the other hand, in POP (Post Office Protocol), your mail client account and mail server are not synced. It means whatever changes you make to your email account in the mail client will not be transferred to the webmail inbox.


Over time computers accumulate more and more stuff and require a good clean up (probably much like your garage)! A thorough tune-up from us and your computer and home or business network will be running faster and better than ever before.


Many different factors affect the speed at which your computer is able to start-up and shutdown. We take a look at all of them to ensure both processes are as quick as possible. We work on both the inside and outside of your PC to make it run better.


This premium service that we offer combines two of the most important services we offer into one cheaper package. We will do a complete and thorough multi scan virus clean service as well as a full tune up service to get your pc safe and secure as well as running the best it can.


We offer several data backup solutions including external backup drives and cloud based backups. Data backup is one of the most important areas of IT and yet is also one of the most ignored.


Data backup is one of the most important areas of IT and yet is also one of the most ignored. Data is essential to the smooth running of any business and is the essential start to any professional continuity plan. ‘Backing up’ means making a copy of your most important files. This can then be used if the original copy is lost. It is recommended that the second copy should be held at a different location to the original and be kept in a secure environment. At Technogeek we have resources to help you with backing up your files and data.


At Technogeek Computer Repairs we charge a flat fee (remember your insurance provider should pay this fee) to provide you with a first rate computer insurance claim report that provides all the necessary information that your insurer will need in order to be able to process your insurance claim.


When making an insurance claim for your damaged laptop, notebook or desktop computer your insurer will most likely ask you to obtain a computer insurance claim report to accompany your insurance claim. We can help!


We can help you with an insurance report on any IT device, damaged computer add on equipment and devices – your insurer will most likely ask you to obtain a computer insurance claim report to accompany your insurance claim.


Experts in Computer and Mobile Phone investigations. Technogeek provide Computer and Mobile Phone Forensic Expert Examination, Data Recovery and Complete Retrieval Services for mobile devices and computer systems.


A Mobile Phone Forensic Expert is able to examine and investigate live and often deleted data present on mobile phones, SIM cards and memory cards for evidence, often as part of legal proceedings, without the loss or alteration of data present. Our mobile phone forensic expert team are able to examine data present on mobile phones and the SIM cards and memory cards within them for any data present, including text and social media messages, call records, voice recordings, photographs and videos, often even after we have been deleted. We have a 95% recovery rating and attempt everything we can to get the required information.


A computer forensics expert has been specifically trained to conduct an examination and investigation of live and deleted data present on computers, memory sticks, memory cards and any other digital device for evidence often as part of legal proceedings. The computer forensic investigation process involves the preservation, interpretation and the documentation of digital based evidence to determine what happened on that device, when, how and, if possible, the identity of the user responsible without compromising or causing alteration to the data present. We have a 95% recovery rating for retrieving all required data.


We provide data recovery services throughout Brisbane for all types of storage media. For all recoveries we offer a cheap $50 diagnoses and if its not possible to recover your CRITICAL data then there is no charge for the recovery work. We have full police checked personnel on site so you know your data is safe and secure while we work on it all.


Technogeek data recovery services use an advanced algorithm to get data back from Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Technogeek has recovery software to recover emails form Microsoft office and Exchange, data wiping and drive cloning. Accidently deleted files, Drive is not formatted error, missing windows profile including all documents, photos, downloads, videos, music and more.


Technogeek data recovery has an in house data recovery R&D department to solve data loss problems arising due to logical as well as physical damage to all medium including Hard Disk Drives. Recovery attempts by friends and even IT professionals who are not data recovery experts may cause permanent damage to the storage devices leading to data being irretrievable.


Windows Installation repairs, reinstalls and new installations for Microsoft 10 and 11, Blue Screen Errors, Windows Cycling and Rebooting.


Is your Microsoft Windows playing up? Not starting? Blue Screen Errors? Did you run an update and now the pc will not run? We provide full windows repair and installation services for your Windows 10.


We can try a repair/reset of windows (reset will remove all programs installed however it does keep all your data). If this does not work than we will need to do a full drive wipe and windows reinstall.


Technogeek was founded in 2003 to help small businesses get the most out of our IT equipment and services. Technogeek specialises in business Computer Support, Cloud Solutions, Managed Services, IT Consulting, Installation and Computer repairs in Kallangur & North Lakes and surrounding suburbs.


It is not uncommon for an outlook PST file to become corrupted or damaged in some way. We have the tools to extract and repair these files so your email records are not lost forever. This will also repair the contacts and calenders within the PST database also.


Many small businesses find it challenging to deploy, maintain, and protect our technology. Whether you are looking to keep IT costs predictable, avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively or make a plan for business continuity we are here.


Technogeek provide full pc protection services that are designed for Government and Corporations giving you the highest level enterprise protection that is available on the market. The services we install are monitored 24/7 and we provide a large range of different services to offer you complete protection and servicing.


Do you remember carting off your PC to the local computer shop concerned that you may not be able to reconnect all the cables when you get home? We certainly do. Fortunately, this is no longer needed. Thanks to the Internet! Our Remote IT Support come to your rescue. We have over 3000 business clients who use our remote services.


Buying a new device (Desktop, Laptop or Tablet) is the fun part but transferring files such as music, documents, videos and photos can be slow and tedious. Our technicians will ensure complete transfer of your data up to 1TB (Terabyte) from your old device to your new one. Our professional data transfer service guarantees that all selected folders, files, user profiles and system settings are transferred to your new desktop, laptop or tablet.


Need the latest subscription office 365 or the local office 2019? Office 365 provides you with all office programs. We can explain the differences of the various subscriptions and install them as well for you. No office is sold with software included anymore so all versions require creating a microsoft account and downloading and setting up the version you require. We have had many years experience with all versions of office sales, setup and installations.


We provide and service full managed pc services. We offer these services for a monthly fee making it easy for you to budget. We provide full pc protection services that are designed for Government and Corporations giving you the highest level protection that is available on the market. The protection we install is monitored 24/7 and allows us to offer you a large range of protection starting at $15 a month for complete piece of mind. We have hundreds of clients.


Do you need software installed for your business or home? Technogeek Computer Services in Kallangur are experts in all aspects of software installation. We also offer all the below listed services involving software and windows.


We can 100% remove the login password from any windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 desktop or laptop computer. We can also remove some bios passwords on desktop and laptop computers. These are much harder and we will not know until we have tried as to whether we will be successful.


We sell external custom caddys with harddrives from 1TB to 10TB drives that run on usb3.0. We only use quality red or purple colour branded drives designed for data storage and not the cheap green or blue drives. We can do Cloud Backup or setup a NAS Drive. We can help you!


Technogeek are experts in the provision of software installations and upgrades when it comes to software and computer services. We will check your PC to make sure that your new software can be installed. If you require any upgrades to make the software work we can help.


Unlike data transfer where we can only move saved data with a drive image we can make an exact copy of your drive to a new one. This means everything you had on your old drive will be on the new one. Emails, Printers, Favourites, Desktop setting and more. Ask us for a quote.


We can explain the differences of the different office packs and install them as well for you. No office is sold with software included anymore so all versions require creating a microsoft account and downloading and setting up the version you require. We have had many years experience with all versions of office sales, setup and installations.


If you're looking for the best email service providers around today, you've come to the right place. Getting hold of the best email service providers today can be easy. Sign up with an ISP and you’ve got one account for starters. Creating an account with Google, Microsoft or other big names will get you more but will cost more.


Technogeek specialists covers all models of desktops/PCs. We service computers whether it is for work, home use, gaming computer or other purposes. We do all repairs and improvements on all laptops and desktops systems.


Technogeek offer's Computer, Laptop, and AIO Repairs at our hi tech workshop to get your computer device fixed fast! We carry out a wide range of computer services including: Screen Repairs, Virus, Malware removal as well as overheating fixes, Windows 10 issues and more.


Technogeek offer's Computer, Laptop, and AIO Repairs at our hi tech workshop to get your computer device fixed fast! Laptop DC socket repairs, Broken Lid Hinges, Laptop Overheating, Windows Issues, Laptop motherboard liquid damage repairs, Cracked or Broken Screen Repairs.


Laptop broken LCD screen replacement service in Kallangur. Screens usually break as a result of an accident when you drop your laptop, press the screen too hard or close the lid with something on the keyboard.


We are able to repair or get repaired any brand laptop on the market that requires a screen replacement. We generally have a 1-3 day timeframe to get in pc laptop screens as required. We cannot carry screens in stock due to the huge range of makes and models on the market. Please note that Apple and Microsoft Screens repairs need to be sent off-site due to warranty.



While monitors can technically be repairered it is only manufacturers that have that ability. Also a full calibration to ensure that the screen is outputting correctly is required and that requires specific expensive equipment worth tens of thousands.
This would make any monitor screen repair vastly expensive.


We been repairing computers for years and have the best techniques to ensure the repair will last. We source quality parts that come with guarantees and that will not fail in a month or two. Upfront pricing on most services.


Is your computer running too hot? Not starting? Causing pc to run slow? Is it powering off after some time? Are your case fans full of dust or are the bearing wearing? We provide full fan and accessories replacement and upgrade installation services for all desktop computers. We can add a new cpu cooling fan or radiator.


Is your computer restarting? Not starting? PC running too slow? Is it powering off after some time? Are your case fans full of dust or are the bearings wearing? Is your computer or laptop lagging behind when compared to others? Do you need a faulty part in your computer replaced? Ask what we can do to make a difference with your PC.


We do not sell to the general public any computer parts.
Our parts are used in repairs and new computer builds. We are not a shop, we are a repairer.
We generally have a 1-3 day timeframe to get in stock as required. We cannot carry items in stock due to the huge range of makes and models on the market and the way prices fluctate. It can be cheaper than buying a new pc at times with some part upgrades. Ask us for a quote.


Every 12 months when you get a service you extend the warranty for another year or until the warranty is used up to a total of 5 years.


If you get your computer serviced every 12 months with us for $80 (including Dust Clean, Windows Service, Diagnostics and more) you have the option to get up to a total of five years extra warranty on all parts and labour. This is a  service that we usually charge $99 for as standard for any off the street service and at this discounted price you are also extending your warranty by 12 months each time.


Technogeek can build you a system to suit your needs and requirements at a great price. We only use quality components in our builds.


Solutions for businesses. From general office IT, through to high-end productivity workstations, servers and rack-mount solutions, our solutions help businesses reduce our IT bottlenecks, prevent downtime and improve efficiency.


Powerful PCs designed for demanding tasks and uses. We have specific designs for everything from Photography editing workstations through to rendering machines designed to improve your workflow and reduce down-time.


Computers designed for your everyday home and office needs. From Silent Internet Surfing, General Family Use, a system for home office Number-Crunching, or a discrete dedicated Media Player, we have a wide range of Home Computers we can custom build for you.


Systems built for playing the latest triple-a games and VR Ready beasts to fully immerse yourself. Ask about what we can custom build for you in a gaming system for your needs. Powerful and Fast systems with only quality parts.


We pride ourselves on building PCs based around performance, quality branded components, reliability, value and customer service rather than bringing you a PC for as cheap as possible. The result is the Bugatti of gaming desktops, with an unrivalled 5 year warranty available on all our custom PCS! Whatever your budget, we are confident we can provide you with exactly what you want in a computer and still maintain the lowest possible prices.

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